Dress for Ladies in
Dress for Ladies in
Dress for Ladies in New York is a non-profit organization that has been helping students learn about Dress in the USA for over five years. Our goal is to foster confidence in dress dress to give students a realistic look at what it means to be a beautiful woman, to explore a myriad of styles, and to learn more about women of color in high school culture. Learn more

Equality in Schools

Over 100 national and local leaders have spoken at conferences, events, and conventions to promote equitable education in schools. Learn more

Student Equality, Inc. is based in Chicago, Illinois. We pride ourselves on providing students with full-service, online education that is in the classroom. We believe we can achieve this by ensuring students’ best possible lives. Learn more

In-School Partnerships

We encourage students to attend student peer and private events to learn about their lives as they work with school administrators and teachers to improve student achievement and prepare students to become educators. Learn more

Sustainable Education is an open community based in Chicago, Illinois. We empower teachers and students with tools and resources to prepare students to succeed and help them develop a positive future. Learn more