dating armenian girlArmenian lady names are originated by the names of gorgeous flowers, treasured stones and different charming issues from the ancient times and till at present they are highly regarded. It was quite common within the 19th century and remains to be in use. C. Ghapantsyan considers this name an historical mythological, linking to the Semitic naru phrase river”, which also means the god of water” (evaluating our golden, Tsovinar, jan., Nareus, Indian Nara mermaid, and so forth.).

This title has entered the Armenians because the IX century, however it has steadily been forgotten as many Arabic names which have been used within the Center Ages. The other fashionable and favorite identify at present is NARE, however this type of the identify is new.

From the Armenian Agatha, the Agakh Agakh type, which is actually sexual in nature. Nina, who was utilized by Armenians in the middle of the final century. The identify, Shushan, is a biblical baby lady title and since IV century the name is widespread for Armenians.

Armenian From Perch’s personal identify, with feminine female derivatives (like Tigranuhi, Armenuhi, Haykou). The lady is the energy of the family, in a traditional Armenian household. Armenian fairly a word. It’s anciently used in Armenians. But in the Marine approach we meet more typically (perhaps because of the concord with the new names Karine, Narine).

It means gifted”, merciful” or gifted”, merciful.” It has been used in historical Armenians and is now a helpful name. It is fairly a brand new title that appeared at the finish of the 19th century. By giving this title to their baby lady, Armenians hope that she would have a mild persona.

Some of the beautiful Armenian girl names is Lusine. Now it is without doubt one of the hottest names. Armenian from the word pearl, which, as a feminine, can also be utilized by many different peoples (French: Margerit, Russian Margarita, etc.). This name has been used in the Armenians since IV century.

This figurative name is now very popular amongst Armenian women. We meet Armenians of the Caucasus. Varda was born in Ukraine but has a deep Armenian root. Armenian The word gourd, with sweet arthritis. Armenian source word. This title was first used within the Armenians in the eighteenth century, underneath the influence of religious literature (the title of David’s mom of the King David of King David).

She is probably the most stunning Armenian celeb residing and dealing in the USA. The diminutive types are Sato, Satin, Saten and others. As a character, Armenians are talked about within the IV century, Shushanik in the diminutive form. Armenian The identify of violet flower is a mortgage from Persian.

It is the female type of the title names Milen” and Milan”. One of the oldest names amongst Armenians. She has all the traits typical of an Armenian lady including her just a little little bit of dark pores and skin shade, black hair, and delightful eyes.

A common title in the past century was Armenians. The diminutive type of the title Margarita is that it’s also a genius among Germans and Russians. It’s fairly an impartial character and may be very fashionable among Armenians. It means blonde bachelor” (as Turkish: Saribeg, which can be used in Armenians in the present day).

All Armenian mother and father gave this name to their child women. Sonik can be a diminutive form that often acts as an unbiased identify. There’s also the diminutive type of this, Zeparrig, which is a private identify. It’s an Armenian identify that seems from the 19th century.